Eco Art : Sun Boxes

May 11, 2010

Designer Craig Colorusso has created “Sun Boxes,” an alien field of independently operating, solar-powered speakers, each remitting its own distinct guitar sample. A true marriage of sound and (natural) light, this array of speakers is able to create a glorious composition that attests to the value of solar power in today’s world.

It’s comprised of twenty speakers operating independently each powered by solar panels. There is a different guitar sample in each box all playing together making the composition. The guitar samples are all of different lengths so the whole piece keeps evolving.

Participants are encouraged to walk amongst the speakers. It sounds different inside of the array. There is a different sense of space inside. Certain speakers will be closer and louder therefore the piece will sound different to different people in different positions throughout the array. Creating a unique experience for everyone.


Copenhagen wheel stores and provides power for bicyclists

May 5, 2010

I know we posted VW’s portable self-powered bicycle yesterday but these things seem to be the new ‘in’ thing at the moment. Check out the’ Cogenhagen Wheel’ which has the ability to store excess  energy when you are free-wheeling so you don’t have to pedal on the uphills. Holy moley thats amazing!! It can also link to your iPhone (obviously) which can monitor your energy output, update you on traffic conditions, air pollution….well watch the video and it will explain everything…

Eco Coke

March 31, 2010

Designed by Andrew Kim, the Eco Coke Concept is made of 100% organic material (sugar cane byproducts to be more specific). One big feature about this design is that it is much more collapsible, making it more conducive to carrying to a recycling bin. Hopefully we’ll see this in the market sooner than later.

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Bike Sharing

March 30, 2010

Architect and designer Rafael Schmidt submitted this new bike sharing system to a competition which was organised within last year’s International Climate Conference in Copenhagen. The system involves a comprehensive architectural intervention into the urban centre.

Scmidt says, “The Bike Share System must become more than just a transporting system. It deals not only with the problem of stocks and flows of people, but must add extra value to its user and to the city itself. We suggest that the Bike Share System becomes an integral part of the city. The bicycles should function as censors and inform the system about certain behaviours, so that the system can react according to the situation.To predict the performance of a system, the entities have to exchange information. An internet-based platform can analyse the different interests and could then manage possible conflicts. The bicycles are equipped with GPS and W-Lan, so they are connected to each order and can inform the system about their position and status.”

We got the BRT system at our disposal, first stage of the  Gautrain is near completion, and now hopefully one day…bike sharing.

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Meet Segway’s confused younger brother.

March 25, 2010

Segways have always had an aura of GEEK about them – and thats what made them such a vibe! So I had a weird first reaction when i saw the ‘Taurus’, the latest in ‘ Electric Urban Transporation’ ( which i have dubbed “Eut”). Its a Segway but its shaped like a superbike!?!?!….whats the thinking behind that, cause i know it won’t have the speed of a Superbike! I can picture it now…”someone dressed to the Nines in their leather Jacket and pants, Slick Black Helmet…. in the slow lane doing 40 – that’s not exactly Bad-ass now is it!? The girl is hot though!!

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Rain Campaign

March 23, 2010

The RainCampaign uses an environmentally friendly method to print a message onto the pavement. When rain falls on the concrete the message is revealed for passers-by to see. But when the sun comes out and the rain dries up, the message disappears like it was never there in the first place. The message appears and disappears like magic for around eight weeks.

The campaign highlights a very real connection between advertising, the product featured in the advertisement, and the environment. The campaign was developed for Continental Tyres. The message reads “Stop Quicker With Continental Winter Tyres.” Each place the message appears with rain is near a car park, a car park ticket machine or another location with plenty of foot traffic.

The Truth behind Bottled water

March 23, 2010

I’ve started to notice how much bottled water Joburgers have started drinking and it sucks!!! Since it was World Water Day yesterday i thought this might help enlighten you a little….

Annie Leonard has released a new video talking about the evils of bottled water. Entitled “The Story of Bottled Water“, the new short film is done in the same style as her hit video The Story of Stuff, with simple cartoons, hard-hitting facts and compelling information. Even if you were against bottled water before, this video will make you cringe at how wasteful bottling water in plastic can be.