Ray-Ban Aviators

May 14, 2010

The Virgins has pricked up the ears of Ray-Ban designers, so much so that Ray-Ban is releasing a series of Ray-Ban aviators with frontman Donald Cummings.

A total of six different sub-collections will begin releasing in June as it includes “The Ray-Ban Craft, Road Spirit, Tech, Titanium, Metal Glide and the limited edition Ultra Gold.”

If you have absolutely no idea who The Virgins are, here’s the RAC remix of their 2009 indie pop track hit, ‘Rich Girls’, that got them noticed and pretty much put them on the map. Stream it, download it, do whatever you want with it.

The Virgins – Rich Girls (RAC Remix)


I Love This Bob Marley T-Shirt!!

May 12, 2010


Cool Cats x CEMENT “Ed Banger” Pendants

May 5, 2010

Here is the latest offering by Cool Cats/Ed Banger and Canadian jewelry brand CEMENT. There are only 50 units of gold and silver being made. You can be one of the lucky few and buy it via the Cool Cats Webstore. I WANT ONE!!!!


April 21, 2010

Phyllis Galembo has been obsessed with Costumes/Halloween ever since she was a kid. This would ultimately be her calling in life. She studied in the US but has spent most of her time traveling to places like Haiti, Zambia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria documenting the the Masquerade/ Ritual/ Costume culture of these parts, she has even been able to photograph Rare glimpses at emerging Costume trends in different Secret Societies. This kinda stuff makes me so proud of Africans! To see how much creative potential is just waiting to be unleashed on the rest of the world. I thinkg we will see some of the most influencial artists/designers/musicians coming out of Africa in the next 50 years. Wanna bet??

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Skirt Boys

April 19, 2010

So apparently the new thing in Japan is for Boys to wear Skirts…..hold on i just need a moment…..Yup and apparently its taking off in a BIG WAY! Long black shirts seem to be the most popular(pic above) but guys are also wearing mini skirts over their jeans… I dunno, call me crazy, but i just don’t think this will take off in these parts. (holding thumbs)

Nike “Free Run” Video

April 15, 2010

Please note: Shoe will NOT make sounds when bent or twisted.

Nooka Race

April 14, 2010

Here’s a fun filled short animation ad from fresh and colourful watch brand Nooka. If you’re stumped and still have no idea where to buy one, hop on over to our friends at The Street in Greenside and buy yourself one or a few.