Zikmu Parrot : Docking Stations

May 13, 2010

Apparently the Zikmu Parrot was released last year (so clearly I’ve been sleeping), but they just came out with some new colours. The wireless speaker system features compatibility with your iPhone (wish I had one) and the latest generation of iPod and iPod Touch. The wi-fi features enable you to listen to your computer’s music library through the speakers, at all 360°. It has slick design and you can leave it in the corner of the room like it’s not even there. This will change the look of docking stations for the future FO SHO!


Android Powered HDTV

April 14, 2010

Swedish company People of Lava have announced the first HDTV to be powered by the Android operating system. The television will be a LED-backlit LCD available in 42-, 47- and 55-inch sizes. It is made from a blend of unique materials including stone, which apparently gives it its ceramic rugged look & feel and has a specifications list that goes on forever. It includes YouTube and Google Maps apps, along with a Web browser. You can download more apps like Facebook and Twitter from the People of Lava app store (they have not announced whether it will connect to the main Android app store). It also comes with a wireless keyboard. God bless the Swedes! Only problem is if I ever get my hands on this, I’m going to be the biggest social recluse the world has ever seen.

Victor Churchill Butcher – Sydney

March 17, 2010

The Most Beautifully Designed Butcher i have ever seen!!! Established by Vic and Anthony Puharich, the father and son duo behind Vic’s Premium Quality Meat, the leading meat supplier to some of the finest restaurants in Australia, China and Singapore. Designed by Sydney-based Dreamtime Australia Design

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