About Us

February 8, 2010

1. This is the blog site (this is where we have fun)

2. We also have a really intricate Website in the process of being built-

should be up and running in the next Week or 2. (we’ll keep ya’ll posted)

3. Then finally we have a Mobile Application:

We are still in testing phase (BETA) and are busy ironing out the kinks..but basically the new mobile application is going to be your next best friend in the future.

You will be able to chat to your friends, upload media, micro blog (like twitter) as well as download INSTANTLY REDEEMABLE COUPONS from your Brands, Restaurants, Clubs & Stores. (All of this will be interlinked with the Website- i know, amazing right?)


1) Go to http://oirewards.mobi on your phones browser

2) Register on the Oi’ mobi site (make sure you can access internet on your phone – if you cant, call your operator & ask them to activate the internet)

3) Remember your ‘nickname’ as it is your login name, and don’t use any special characters like %$#*&^-

4) Once registered, download the application (if it can’t recognise your phone, then select it from the list)

5) Start Oi’ on your phone and login using your Nickname and password

** if you have any problems, go to our Facebook site, and tell us the problem and phone model **


Coupons are opportunities exclusively offered to you as an Oi’ member by our various partners…

You can locate coupons in 3 different ways

  1. Select a specific place you are perhaps visiting and see if there are any offers at this location
  2. Select a category and find a genre which appeals to you
  3. The last is search, and simply type in a keyword e.g. ‘watches, greenside’ . You are able to instantly check whether there are any relevant coupons.


1.)Log into Oi’ on your mobile device

2.) Navigate to coupons

3.)Look for a coupon via 1 of the 3 different ways (place, category, search)

4.) When you get to the shop which is offering the coupon you want, press ‘use’

5.)A screen will pop up with a picture of the deal, and YOU the Oi’ member must ask the shop attendant for the ‘merchant code’

6.) Enter the merchant code into the Oi’ application & a tick will appear on the screen.

7.) Done deal!!

Join our Facebook group and tell us everything you like/dislike about the mobile application.

Sms stop to 37830 to opt out of receiving SMS’s