It’s that time of the month again people. Another international act = Another OiJozi Ticket Giveaway. This time we’ll make it easier than the last one we had.

We have 10 FREE tickets up for grabs courtesy of !DIRTY!DIRTY! and if you want to stand a chance of winning one, or maybe even a pair for yourself & your friend/lover/we’re not sure what we are, then feel free to leave a comment either here on our Facebook page.

Tell us where A1 Bassline is from why you think you’re awesome enough to get in for FREE. BOOM that easy!




  1. Jax says:

    Just wanna say that shuffleshame rocks!

  2. Caro says:

    A1 bassline hail from that dark, cold, rainy place namely Londres . . . The UK. And I am by far the most worthy opponent to win a ticket (or 2) because its my dads birthday on Monday so I have to either buy him a prezzie or come to A1 and I will definitely buy drinks for lots
    of people. I hope nepotism is still alive 🙂 WHAM 🙂 xxx

  3. Sinzi says:

    A1 bassline come from LOOOOOOOOONDON, England! 😀
    and im super awesome enough to get a free ticket (or 2)
    just because i always party poes hard!
    always seem to go home with something broken or torn. 😛 😛

  4. Richard says:

    A1 Baseline is just one of the sickest okes around, coming from the UK. letting you burn the the rubber off the soles of your shoes, with ear smacking beats allowing you to do the jiggy in what ever way possible. i mean who would not want a ticket.

    thats why i am commenting here, cuz im ready to show those mofo’s how to dance the jiggy…. im gonna rise from the smoke of my soles and fall into the net of beats that A1 Baseline is gonna be sending out to the crowds….BOOOOOOOM! thats why i deserve a ticket…..Sweeeeeeet

  5. Carrie says:

    I have been looking forward to this night since i first heard about it on OiJozi. I come onto this site every morning as part of my daily routine, and am always impressed with the info available.
    I would go to any event/venue/happening where the Musical Chairs are performing, they are amazing!
    I only Recently moved back from London and could do with a bit of reminiscing!

  6. Caro says:

    Oh and I should also win a ticket or 2 cause I have peeps in Cannes reading Oijozi . . . Check this out
    “and tell the oijozi boys teher blogrocks! have been checking it as
    much as possible. cant wait to get back to barca!!!!!! yeah!” 🙂

  7. Ilona says:

    Give me A1!!!!!

  8. Dino says:

    A1 Bassine is from CROYDON, UK!!!

    I’m so awesome that I need tickets because I was raving it up at Steve Aoki and I JUST KNOW THIS NEXT GIG IS GOING TO BLOW MY MINDHOLE EVEN MORE!

  9. Jamie Robb says:

    A1 BBBBBBBBBBASELINE hails from London Town and is going to rock out hard this saturday, hells yeah!!!!!!! A ticket should go to me because I know how to dance like a monkey, seriously I do, and because I’ve told everyone I know and have seen to go to this party because it’s gonna be the BAAAAEST, yes the BAAAEST.

  10. Clare Vandeleur says:

    A1 bassline is from none other than the absolutely bonkerssss mentallll town of londonnnnn!!!! i want……nay….. I FRIKKIN NEED these tickets so that my awesomeness will be present and this life-changing event!!!! I will dance the danciest dance I have ever danced and drink (drinks that others will buy me ;)) the most i have ever drunk, but fear not…i’ll still remember the EPIC night. I have promised my best friends I will spend this sex night with them and the last thing I want to do is break their hearts and no they won’t pay for me but they do still love me ok! SO cmon dude…..do it for friendship…….do it for your country……do it for my presence……..do it…….just do it……..do…..it…….you…..know…..you…..want……….toooooo……….

  11. Chloe says:

    “You sound like you’re from LONDON” (He’s from London yeah?)

    It would probably be a good idea to give me a ticket… Just saying. After the last raucous party at The Woods i woke up with curry powder EVERYWHERE. How? I don’t know. It was a bit ridiculous.
    Please. Let me relive these very proud moments in my life.
    I’m willing to share my brandy even…
    Thanks (in advance).

  12. Alexa says:

    Cuz im clares friend- BOOYA!!! and im from limpopo where we dnt have anything like this (shame) 😦 . but now ive moved to jozi and amped to see what its all abou!! (but its so expensive here, so ill need giveaway tickets 😦 ) so …. lets …. be .. AAAHSUM!!!!

  13. Alexa says:

    aw cute look at my little purple thing. hahah clare yours looks like a aubergine !! (egg plant!)

  14. MikeJones says:

    A1 Bassline is thought to be from the rainy island that is the UK. But I really think he is from outta space… From the Planet Kiff.. The mad basslines and sick effects are all was of communicating to the unknown. Why should i win tickets? Cos i’ll i’m also from Planet Kiff and these peps are know to be the craziest, the most radical and just plain awesome. Oh and they liked to get fucked and party with tequila (our oxygen), BRING IT ON… YES PLEASE

  15. Jax says:

    A1 is from London England, and i think i am super awesome wicked cool and I am the Goddess of the Awesome that is Awesomer than anything Awesome, except maybe A1 and shuffleshame!
    And i know that its gonna be the most wicked of nights and i really wanna be there!!!!

  16. Seebs says:

    A1 Bassline, the original Badman, BASSline House Dj/Producer, spawned from BASSBINS & Korg effects pad of Croydon, UK!
    And the reason why I am soooo awesome is for the fact that I want to, no I need 2 get DIRTY DIRTY 2 A1’s DUTTY TUNEZ!
    I was recently awarded the headbanging, booty poppin Boogie WOOGIE award for being awesome!
    And whether I get the free pass or not, Im still gonna be hitting up that Dirty Dirty, as I preach the good word of OiJozi all day, every day, and that’s why its mandatory that I be there!
    Being awesome isn’t just a onetime thing to get free tickets to hottest party this wkend, its lifestyle, its a culture, its a religion, it’s all that is… OI JOZI

  17. […] is A1 Bassline last year, playing in a packed as club while the  crowd is sweating all over him. Consider […]

  18. Rozanne is... says:

    me wants too please…
    KOOL dance sneakers on the dancefloor, you have to have:)

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