Shuffleshame Interview

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ShuffleShame are two mates that decided the only way they would hear the music they loved in clubs would be to play it themselves. blah blah blah….They may not be the biggest DJ duo around, but they’ve done enough to be noticed by the End Is Nigh and earn themselves a spot along side US  super star DJ Steve Aoki during the Easter period. Remember to buy your tickets early at Mooks in Rosebank for cheap cheap.

How did you two first get into Djing?

Jordan: About a year ago, when we got tired of not hearing the music we loved at parties and in clubs. We decided that the only way to hear MSTRKRFT in a club was if we played it. Barry being a certified Dj and I being his asshole best friend set about making mixtapes and what not. People liked them and so we started playing, with some help from some good friends of course. (We love you Spoek and Gert)

One of you is a programmer and the other a film editor. Where do you find the time to fit Djing into your life?

Jordan: We don’t sleep or really have social lives because of our work…  But somehow we always manage to make time.

Who has a bigger penis? Are you guys still single?

Barry: I reckon technically Jordan… coz he is a penis. I’m very lucky to be married.

Jordan: Barry… he’s huge… It hit me in the face once at a suit fitting, it hurt like hell, I feel sorry for his wife. I’m currently seeing a lovely young lady, so please lord don’t let me do something stupid to ruin it all.

What/Who are you influences for the music you play?

Barry and Jordan:  One of the best things about this scene is that it’s in its infancy and still evolving. There are so many great producers drawing inspiration and influences from every genre of music into something danceable. So the music we make and play will always be evolving… always eclectic. There‘s so many people that influence the two of us. It’s not really that specific it’s rather a crazy mix of illicit sounds ranging from 80’s bandwagon pop to modern day post-pop all the way to modern rock. And that’s why we work so well together because we love different things.

What’s your take on the current state of the SA (Jozi) electro scene?

Barry and Jordan:  It’s not nearly as big as the CT scene, but it’s growing more and more. Plus with artists like The Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki coming here to enlighten the masses that you can like more the one genre of music, things can only get better for the scene. Come on kids you can like Sigur Rós and still rave promise…

Would you rather be someone who is smart but ugly, or someone who is hot, but kind of stupid?

Barry: Being ugly and smart’s worked out good so far.

Jordan: Well since… Barry is ugly, but smart. So I guess I’ll take hot and retarded… It was retárded right?

What are your two favourite brands?

Barry: Peter Stuyvesant and Native Instruments

Jordan: Nike and Mac… Nike coz they’re sneakers are awesome. Mac coz they are assholes and everyone loves assholes.

What should people expect from you on the night?

Barry and Jordan: To have fun… seriously though, an eclectic mix of all huge new music from 2010, from the Dutch styled house to Disco electro to Big Room to Indie dance and future funk… it’ll all come together… so you best bring the rave chop.

Any SA DJs you like?

Barry: Ryan Dent… no seriously… Musical Chairs are super awesome, Sibot, Belushi, Lapse and Orlando Doom.

Jordan:  Ryan Dent… Sorry, no really our boy’s Barry and Kat AKA Musical Chairs (JHB), Danger Inkosi (JHB), Belushi (CT), Orlando Doom (CT), Lapse (CT) and Grave Danger (CT)

Listen and download their Blinded By The Disco Lazers mixtape here:


2 Responses to Shuffleshame Interview

  1. Barry Nubuck says:

    wow. worst photo ever.

  2. Jaz says:

    All I read in this interview was “eclectic” and “assholes”. I guess it kinda makes sense. SHUFFLESHAME! AOKI!!

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