While Joburg and the rest of South Africa make plans to build more coal/ nuclear power plants (lame). Spain is looking for cleaner alternatives.I know it looks like something from an 80’s fantasy film but this is REAL!

The 624 mirrors move throughout the day, tracking the sun, and focusing its beams onto the tip of a 160-meter-tall tower. The focused light heats up a tank of water at the tip of the tower, which in turn powers the steam turbine of an electrical generator. This simple process can generate up to 20 megawatts of energy.

When the entire complex is completed in the 2013, the plant will produce enough energy for 180,000 homes, equivalent to the needs of the city of Seville.   The tower will prevent the emission of more than 600,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases each year.

South Africa i hope ur taking notes…..


One Response to Solar POWER TOWER!

  1. markee says:

    There are so many alternative ways to produce and maintain energy for the masses, I just do not understand what the damn hold up is on using it…or phasing it into the economic structure at least for GOD’s sake. Let’s get this party started…. so many beneficial avenues can and will arise if only they (the powers that be) would take the proper action towards phasing out the status quo. Great Photos by the way!!! Here Here!

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