The second artist we’re featuring for the weekend’s SCREAM !DIRTY!LOVE party is none other than the Ndebele Prince of funkness, Spoek Mathambo.  He’s wildly known as the front man for local and internationally acclaimed outfits, Playdoe and Sweat.X and his skills as a lyrical waxing, electro booty rap manipulator. After releasing a host of Mixtapes under the name H.I.V.I.P which spawned into crazy blogosphere love and resulted  in numerous whirlwind solo DJ tours of Europe. Now he’s back, made some friends and came back with this little Schlachtofbronx (Germany) collabo present courtesy of Man Recordings. Peep the video after the jump.

Don’t be fooled & mistake this for a MTN ad!

Sad news is that Sweat.X are no longer on the bill for Saturday night’s V-Day bash, so as a consolation, I suggest you do the right thing, follow what the rest of the world is doing and download their SAVIOUR & MESSIAH EP.

Don’t be too bummed about the news, because the biggest treat of the night will be SPOEK performing solo for the first time…EVER! If that isn’t exclusive I don’t know what is. Accompanying him will be Richard The Third, JakobSnake aka JakeDigitaal of Cape Town duo, BTEAM fame and 2 backup dancers.

Word on the street is he just wrapped up shooting a solo video down in the Kaap.


Follow him on: twitter.com/SPOEK_MATHAMBO

Don’t forget we’re giving away tickets to SCREAM !DIRTY!LOVE, so check back later to see how you can win.



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