Here at Oi’ we don’t really like to do competitions, we just like to give away stuff. To celebrate 5 days of being in existence on the dub dub dub, we have 5 tickets up grabs for the Valentine’s Day party at Alex Theatre on Saturday.

If you want to stand a chance at winning one, or maybe even all of the tickets for you & your friends, then feel free to comment on either the DEADBEAT FM, SPOEK MATHAMBO stories and even this story.

Tell us why you think you’re awesome enough to get in for FREE! COMMENT ENTRIES CLOSE FRIDAY @ 5PM.

Doors open at 8pm

R40 before 10 R50 after

Free Jagermeister to the first 100 people!

Free Jagermeister hampers for the best costumes!



  1. Seabelo says:

    4 things Simply:
    1)Oi Jozi is the Greatest upncomin blog in World,and i follow it ,
    2)I think Dirty Dirty parties are the Shit,
    3)’Dirty Love’ is my middle name, and its the way i live by!
    4)I AM!

  2. amber says:

    I haven’t missed a Dirty Dirty yet and you can’t let this be my first just cos I’m broke!

  3. Dylan says:

    This is not Twitter.

  4. Celeste says:

    1. I’ve got my party face ready for some desmond and the tutu’s
    2. I want to shake it the DIRTY!DIRTY! way
    3. I really want this
    4. I just am! 😉

  5. Celeste says:

    1. I’m a desmond and the tutu’s kid
    2. I love this blog!
    3. I’ve got my party face ready for some dirty love!
    4. Scream is going to be the shit and I need to be their to experience the awesomeness!
    5. I just am!

  6. Alexa says:

    1. im awesome enough because I come from Polokwane in Limpopo (shame) and just moved up to jozi and want to see what jozi’s made off and say I WAS THERE at the most awesomest fest ever (so i believe) (so lets make this my first even in jozi! HELL YEAH!)
    2. My boyrfeinds driving all the way up here for Vday and wouldnt wanna leave him at home (because he has zero $) and i would be awesome if i could give him a free ticket! ❤
    3. I am a Desmond and the tutu's kid (ill even wear my shirt). enough said.
    4. Ima be right up front being AWESOME making the party wild! everyone will want my groove. therefore they'll buy more dirnks for more enegry which'll support the fest more which is AWESOME!!

  7. Kendyll says:

    Lets get dirty dirty with jagermeister!!!

  8. meg says:

    because i’m single on valentines day- which is harrowing enoungh, but now not only do i have to watch love manifest itself around me ALL MONTH.. i dont have anyone to pay to get me in :)this could be my chance!!

  9. Clare says:

    1.This site/blog is AWESOMENESS!
    2.You guys are doing a GREAT job & i only wish you the BEST.
    3.I’m keen to JAM!
    4.Not only do i think I am…I know you do TOO ^^,
    5.There’s less than 5Minutes left…c’mon…PLLEEAAASSSEE!

  10. Mr_moo says:

    1. because i’m crippled (fractured my ankle doing par kour)
    2. because even with the damn moon boot i rock out to the max
    3. because i love free sh*t:)
    4. because im fashionably late lol dammit

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