Fresh from a chaotic holiday season and the recent killing of the crowd at Fu-Cha this past weekend, Deadbeat FM (Shane & Piers), are on the tips of everyone’s tongues right now. Since they’re cool guys & pretty fresh at what they do, it was  a no brainer to sit down with them, throw out a bunch of questions and get to know more about the dudes behind the beats ahead of the biggest party of the weekend, SCREAM !DIRTY!LOVE. Look out for free tickets being offered by us & more artists later in the week.

OB: First thing’s first gentlemen. Why the name DEADBEAT FM and where did it originate from?

DB: Hmmm, that’s a tough one, guess it was just a way of describing the kind of sound we were going for. It came about from a painful 3 hour skype conversation with our designer Rowan who’s based in Hong Kong. The FM part doesn’t really mean anything, just think it adds a nice ring to it.

OB: You guys have known each other for quite a long time. So is sharing caring, or is it each man for himself?

DB: We’ve been friends for a good ten years so I guess sharing is caring, we don’t really have anything to compete for between ourselves, we’re chilled like that.

OB: It ain’t fun unless the homies can have some right. Anyway, what & who are you influenced by?

DB: Our main influences are Beckers & Hatfield, we just love their production and want to have their kids. We just love awesome, banging techno music.

OB: A lot of people have their own interpretation of the genre of music you play? How do you describe your sound, genre & the style you play?

DB: Most of the artists we love produce stuff ranging from minimal techno to tech house, so we don’t think we could tie down any one genre. One thing we make sure of is that we only play the stuff we love and don’t limit ourselves by moving too far in one direction, we’d say we have a pretty dynamic sound.

OB: How long have you guys been producing your own music for, as opposed to ‘just’ deejaying?

DB: Well Shane has been in the producing game for a long time, but had never really had much experience with techno. We did a lot of messing around but I think we only really sat down to make our first techno track about 6 months ago. By our second track we were released on LOT49 so we’ve been trying to keep that momentum going.

OB: Elaborate more on the whole LOT 49 Records thing and how it all climaxed.

DB: Well basically there was a worldwide competition hosted by LOT49 to find new talent within the techno/tech funk genre. The competition criteria was just “submit an awesome piece of original dance music”, with the prizes being an EP deal with LOT49 and a whole lot of sample packs etc. I remember Shane giving me a call a few weeks later after LOT49 emailed him with the good news, it was fucking surreal. We’ve been fans of LOT49 since high school so it was a huge thing for us.  Meat Katie even emailed us and said he was gonna play our track at one of his gigs which was also a huge deal for us. The track went live on Beatport yesterday so we’re hoping for the best!

OB: Mad props for that man. So if you had to fight each other who would be the winner?

DB: Hopefully it would never come to that, I’ve heard Shane kicks like a mule.

OB: Would you prefer a jelly wrestling fight, or a some mud bath action?

DB: To be honest, probably neither of those, the thought of the two of us covered in jelly, wrestling each other gives me a funny feeling in my balls. We normally just do Rock, Paper, Scissors.

OB: Name two cool brands that pop into your heads?

DB: Aerial7/Access

OB: What’s been the funnest party you’ve played at so far? Cape Town/Joburg? Both?

DB: There have been a few awesome parties (and lots of shitty ones too). We had a few gigs in Cape Town last December and had lots of fun, but our best gig so far was at Fu-Cha Gathering.  We had the dancefloor going mad for two hours and the vibe was f*%#ing amazing, (apparently someone even shat their pants on the dancefloor, but this is yet to be verified).

OB: Sheesh, no wonder you’re considered the hottest djs in Jozi at the moment & also recently killed the Cape Town kids too. How are you coping with the overnight recognition/stardom? Is life peaches & cream, or closer to piss & vinegar?

DB: Ummm, its not like we are signing supermodels breasts yet but we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback. We really love giving people an awesome experience and i guess we are motivated by the people who dig us and support us. Its definitely not peaches and cream, we dont think it is for anyone, and we both have full time professional jobs so we’ve always kept Deadbeat FM as a hobby and never relied on it to survive. I think that’s helped us keep our sh!t together and not stress out too much.

OB: Any local djs/artists/musicians that you guys dig?

DB: There is tons of awesome local talent, but we’re definitely more influenced by international producers, that’s the sound we’re trying to bring to SA, but with our own twist on it.

OB: Where do you hang out & what’s your favourite restaurant?

DB: We hang out mostly in Shane’s studio (sad I know), often with take-away sushi. Favourite restaurant… Maybe Espresso’s in Parkhurst, they got a serious Prego.

OB: What’s next for DEADBEAT FM?

DB: Who knows, maybe we’ll make millions from selling our music and become jet setting playboys, based in a villa turned studio in Monte Carlo. If that doesn’t happen, we just wanna give people something to look forward to on the weekends.

Show them some love on their MySpace and Facebook pages

…and now listen to their Lot 49 competition track which was released on Monday: When I Get Outta Here


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